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Hydroacoustics, Inc. Introduces the Proteus 500 ROV

Some departments are moving to high-tech solutions for water response, including the use of Remote Operated Vehicles

The Proteus 500 ROV is a new technology in the line of remote operated vehicles. The rov can go in zero visibility water or through the ice in hazardous situations and protect a diver from dangerous conditions. The rov can be equipped with high resolution sonar for quick recovery of items and bodies in the darkest waters. They can be used as a supervisory tool so people topside can watch and be looking on in real time while video is being recorded. It truly is a tool that can shorten a search or add an extra element of safety.

Proteus ROVs are ideal for small boat and platform operations where a single operator, quick launch is required. The open architecture design enables you to define your ROV capabilities by adding only those options that your mission requires. All controls are via a laptop PC including the GUI interface which provides a unique, intuitive control panel screen with Proteus operational status, video, sensor data as well as joystick control configuration. If safety, performance & affordability are important to you, call us today and let us build an ROV just for you backed by the best warranty in the industry.

The Proteus 500 ROV features:

• 3.5 Millimeter Tether Diameter - maximum control

• On-board rechargeable battery – safety/portability

• User Intuitive GUI Controls – easy, understandable

• 3 Year Warranty - industry leading supportability

Learn more at, or call (585) 359-1000 for more information.