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RollKall partners with City of Miami Police Department to enhance their extra duty job program

IRVING, Texas - RollKall, the leading provider of innovative extra duty technology solutions, is excited and honored to announce its partnership with the City of Miami Police Department (MPD). This collaboration will empower the MPD with the capabilities to streamline their extra duty job program while providing visibility and transparency into the details, and ultimately, enhancing public safety in the vibrant city of Miami.

The City of Miami Police Department is committed to ensuring the safety and security of its residents, businesses, and visitors. After RollKall received the highest evaluation score in the city’s RFP process, the City of Miami Commissioners carried out due diligence for 20 months to ensure they’d selected the best solution to help bolster their extra-duty operations. In pursuit of this mission, the City of Miami Commissioners Manolo Reyes, Joe Carollo, Christine King, Alex Diaz de la Portilla, and Sabina Covo, unanimously voted 5-0 to select RollKall as MPD’s trusted partner to modernize and optimize its extra duty program.

Miami Chief of Police Manny Morales stated, “Our collaboration with RollKall focuses on supporting our officers and ensuring we serve the community effectively. By managing officers’ hours more efficiently, we aim to decrease fatigue and increase responsiveness. Whether an officer is on-duty or working extra hours, we are committed to the serious task of public protection.”

“RollKall is deeply grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Miami Commissioners and the City of Miami Police Department, an agency known for its dedication to public safety and community service,” said Chris White, CEO at RollKall. “We are committed to providing the agency with the solution they need to optimize their extra duty operations and continue their important work in keeping Miami safe.”

RollKall is proud to offer not only advanced technology solutions but also unmatched value, ensuring that departments get the best for their investment. Primary benefits of the RollKall platform for the City of Miami Police Department include:

  • Insights for Compliance and Transparency: With MPD policies and procedures established on the platform, RollKall helps ensure compliance through documentation of every detail. There is clear line of sight to ensure officers aren’t overworked.
  • Fair, Efficient Officer Scheduling: Advanced scheduling features will allow the MPD to see the details of every job, see how many hours officers are working, and ease the administrative burdens of filling and assigning offers to jobs.
  • Simple Electronic Invoicing and Payments: All fees, including city administration fees, are included in one invoice generated once the officer completes the detail, and the recipients of service have the option of paying electronically. This removes the need for cash payments.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Records of every job and job detail are kept in the platform and easy to access for reporting needs. Agencies can run officer, business and payment history reports for easy auditability.
  • Customizable Features: RollKall’s platform is customizable to the specific needs of the city and the agency, allowing them to tailor the technology to their unique requirements.

The City of Miami Police Department joins a growing list of major city law enforcement agencies across the nation that have chosen RollKall’s technology to improve their operational efficiency and public safety efforts.

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RollKall is a leading provider of law enforcement technology solutions designed to enhance officer scheduling, communication, and efficiency. The company’s mission is to empower law enforcement agencies with cutting-edge tools to improve public safety and operational effectiveness. RollKall’s customizable platform is trusted by agencies nationwide to streamline workflows and enhance officer performance.