Product Review: 5.11 Tactical Traverse™ Double Buckle Belt

The 1.5” nylon webbing belt is simple and effective

I tested the 5.11 Tactical Traverse™ Double Buckle Belt, a 1.5” nylon webbing belt with a unique anodized double buckle. It proved to be great for covert carry. It doesn’t exactly look like a tactical belt but doesn’t exactly look like a dress belt either. It’s really a fashion accessory for the guys with pixellated faces in group photos. 

I’m the guy who used to modify all my stuff after coming in “from the field”, which is what made me a product reviewer in the first place. There were tailors off post from Ft. Knox and Benning who could sew anything, including luggage and webbing. I visited often. One time I had the tailors at Ranger Joe’s disassemble a map and document case and put elastic Sharpie and compass pockets all around it. 

I never wore the issued belts or boots either. If the Traverse™ Double Buckle Belt existed back then, it would have been my choice. It is a bit lighter and thinner than similar belts, which allows it to be used in conventional wear like jeans. 

5.11 Tactical Traverse™ Double Buckle Belt
5.11 Tactical Traverse™ Double Buckle Belt (Photo courtesy of Lindsey Bertomen)

The Traverse belt uses a ribbed weave nylon webbing. It is smooth and flexible enough to run through the loops of casual pants. It has enough texture to keep a hybrid or IWB holster in place. My tests demonstrated it has enough abrasion resistance for aggressive holster loops. 

I am partial to unconventional holsters, so the fact that this belt is available in colors that can blend in with a J-Hook holster type is good. For users in jeans and pocket carry, the buckle has a two-tone look that blends in rather well. 

The buckle is a simple two piece device composed of two offset rectangles of aluminum. The larger one has a tab which makes it easy to lift and release. They are tenacious enough to maintain belt tension, even for the transition from “walking around” to “I’m on duty”. Once secured, there is no rattle. The buckles are rounded and radiused, allowing full freedom of movement like bending over or drawing from a seated position. 

There is no loop or means of securing the standing end so I recommend that users purchase this product true to size (S, M, L, XL,2XL). 

The Traverse™ Double Buckle Belt is a simple and effective casual belt from 5.11 Tactical. Oh, I forgot: It does a good job of holding the pants up. 

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