Improve Tactical Performance by enhancing vision

OAKLAHOMA CITY - VIMA co-founder and vision expert Dr. Alan Reichow will discuss how to Improve Tactical Performance by Enhancing Vision at the 2017 SHOT Show Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP) on Wednesday January 18th 10:45AM – 12:15PM in the Marcello Room 4401A at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, NV. Research has shown that the vast majority of cognitive function is related to our eyes, and that vision is both modifiable and trainable. This presentation will incorporate hands-on demonstrations that demonstrate how vision plays a major role in both success and safety in tactical environments and show how vision can be improved through training.

Developed by Dr. Alan Reichow, Nike’s former Global Director of Vision Science and his team of sport science experts, the Rev is an integrated strobe training system that fuels your full potential. The lightweight, durable eyewear has been refined over three decades and comes in two styles, one for sport and one for tactical disciplines like competitive shooting. Each style pairs with an iOS- and Android-compatible app, allowing you to customize your training experience while staying hands-free.

Rev training enhances your sensory skills by removing milliseconds of visual information. Think of it like resistance training for your brain. As the Rev lenses strobe, your brain is forced to work with less, making decisions and reacting in a hyper-efficient way. You react faster and more accurately because you’re anticipating the movement instead of witnessing it.

We all strive to reach that next level. To challenge our capabilities. To be better. But getting there doesn’t come easy. It takes sheer will and smart training. It’s a combination of physical strength and mental sharpness that will ultimately bring you more moments of greatness.

We started Vima with this belief and we carry it out today. Our team has a background in sports and science. Fueled by firsthand knowledge of the game, and thorough understanding of the neuroscience behind it, we’ve come together to help you get better at what you do best.

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