Total Security Solutions (TSS) ballistic glass sets new standards in safety and security

Fowlerville, Mich. - Michigan-based manufacturer, Total Security Solutions (TSS) is marketing a new insulated glass product rated to withstand small caliber bullets and forced-entries. DEFENDER Ballistic Insulated Glass is ideal for exteriors, fits into new and existing architectures, and is customizable with solar control and energy-saving features. It sets a new standard in safety, adaptability, and energy efficiency of insulated ballistic glass.  

“DEFENDER was created by a desire to meet our customer’s unique needs,” stated TSS CEO Jim Richards. “To our knowledge, this is the only ballistically-rated insulated glass that offers such a high level of customization and security.”

Tested at a UL Level 1 ballistic rating, DEFENDER withstands rounds from small caliber handguns such as 9mm, as well as a UL 972 forced-entry rating. It is easy to maintain, has superior light transmission, and can be customized with an additional thermochromic feature that automatically darkens in response to sunlight. DEFENDER is ideal for corporate headquarters, schools, hospitals, retail stores, and anywhere ballistic and forced-entry control are required. 

Throughout its history, TSS’s goal has been to deliver customized, bullet resistant systems that meet your needs, look beautiful, and fit in your budget. DEFENDER Insulated Ballistic Glass continues this tradition of innovative solutions.

About TSS

Founded in 2004, TSS is a leading manufacturer of bullet-resistant glass and barrier systems in the United States. Located in Fowlerville, Michigan, a small city between Lansing and Brighton, TSS has grown steadily in both staff and physical footprint over the last 14 years. Now a nation-wide supplier, TSS is well recognized in its industry. Learn more at

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