CMC Government Supply’s Night Vision-Compatible EOTech Holographic Sights Give Law Enforcement The Advantage

CMC Government Supply carries three models of holographic weapons sights made by the well-respected company, EOTech, that can be used with night vision. Law enforcement officers and military units looking specifically for night vision-compatible sights should look at the EOTech 552, XPS3, and EXPS3, all carried by CMC Government Supply.

These EOTech sights can be used by themselves or with firearms-mounted night vision intensifier tubes. The sights’ night vision settings instantly decrease their brightness and to allow for customization, the sights have 10 night vision brightness settings and 20 daytime settings. Even when used with a night vision tube, the EOTech sight produces a wide field of view giving quick target acquisition in complete darkness.

Used by the DEA, ATF, and FBI SWAT, the 552 is EOTech’s most popular sight. Two AA batteries reliably power the sight for 1,000 continuous hours when using lithium batteries, and at just under 11 ounces, the sight won’t add much weight to the weapon.

The XPS3 is EOTech’s shortest model at 3.5 inches, so it leaves plenty of space on a picatinny rail for other accessories. One lithium battery can power the sight for 600 continuous hours and the XPS3 from CMC Government Supply has received perfect reviews. One pleased customer wrote, “Not only is this a great sight, but I also got an outstanding price from CMC. Received the EOTech in record time (less than 3 days) and I am very happy with the product. I have switched from a laser sight to this one and the speed of acquisition is incredible.”

The third EOTech sight that works well with night vision is the EXPS3. It uses a quick detach mount and is elevated off the rail 7 mm to give cowitness sight picture with iron sights. One customer who purchased the EXPS3 from CMC Government Supply was impressed with the sight’s quick mounting and sighting-in. The sight gave two MOA accuracy even after removing and reattaching the sight.

Visit to view all of the EOTech sights available from CMC Government Supply.

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