BioStat Appointed as U.S. Distributor of CELOX™

Newest Generation of Products to Treat Severe Bleeding

Orlando, Fla. - MedTrade Products Ltd., a UK based medical device company, today announced the new arrangement for all U.S. sales and distribution responsibilities to BioStat, LLC for the CELOX™ portfolio of emergency hemostats. Under terms of the agreement, BioStat will have importation, marketing, sales, and distribution oversight responsibility for the entire CELOX™ portfolio for all military and civilian pre-hospital trauma care.  Biostat is already working with a carefully selected range of distributors to ensure that the products are available to all emergency services and look forward to welcoming more distributors into their rapidly-expanding network.

In addition to its selection as the primary importer and distributor of CELOX™ gauze, granules and application products, BioStat has launched MedTrade’s newest product, CELOX™ RAPID in the U.S. “These important hemostatic products first surfaced a few years ago in response to military needs, but have shown to be equally important in the civilian market. We are excited to help save lives with CELOX™ RAPID, the newest generation of hemostatic devices,” said Chris Marsden, MedTrade’s Head of Marketing.

CELOX™ is an FDA approved medical device and recently surpassed competitive products when reviewed by the U.S. Office of Naval Research. It found the original CELOX™ to be the best performing hemostatic gauze, allowing for greater control of blood loss, enhanced degree of hemostasis and overall predictive survivability.

About BioStat: 

BioStat is a U.S. limited liability company that provides the sales and distribution functions of CELOX™ products in the United States, Brazil, Colombia, Nigeria and Pakistan. For more information, visit

About MedTrade:

MedTrade is an ethical dynamic fast growing medical device company, founded in 1999 and with a substantial history of providing excellent high quality wound care products for hospitals, military and consumers worldwide.

About CELOX™:

CELOX™ is a high performance hemostatic material designed to stop mild to high volume bleeding with NO SIDE EFFECTS, including for those who react to shellfish. Its active ingredient is chitosan, an organic compound derived from shrimp shells. When applied to a blood in a wound, CELOX™ gels and sticks together in an adhesive gel to seal the wound and stop the flow of blood. Battlefield developed, CELOX™ has come into international use by military and first response professionals because of its suitability when treating difficult wounds that result in arterial or venous bleeding.

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