Lafayette Police Officers Use Downed Officer Kits in Theater Shooting

Louisiana – Lafayette Police say their Downed Officer Kits played a major role in the outcome of last Thursday’s shooting at the Grand 16 Theater where a gunman opened fire, killing two and wounding nine others.

Lafayette Police are being praised for their rapid response time, arriving on scene and entering the building within 50 seconds of first receiving the call about an active shooter. In the next six minutes it took for emergency medical services to arrive, officers provided immediate lifesaving treatment to the victims, using tourniquets and combat gauze from their trauma kits.

Lafayette officers received the kits and training less than six months ago. The Lafayette Police Training Coordinator said that because officers often arrive first on the scene, “the department felt it was necessary to prepare officers with hands-on training to handle extreme trauma situations. Because officers had the kits and were trained how to use them, police were able to begin treating victims inside the theater immediately.”

TacMed™’s Downed Officer Kits contain items essential for the treatment of serious injuries encountered by law enforcement, including the SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide, OLAES™ Modular Bandage, QuikClot® Combat Gauze, gloves, tape, and shears.

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