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Investigative analysis - a step change for law enforcement


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When: Apr 27 2023, 10:00am CDT

Presented by: David Humphrey, WW Dir Product Management & CTA, IDOL and Laurence O’Brien FRSA, Global Product Marketing Mgr, OpenText

About this talk: Investigators have saved countless hours going through thousands of videos with our Law Enforcement Media Analysis (LEMA) platform using artificial intelligence to significantly improve their investigative process and helping solve crimes faster with fewer resources.

In this session, you’ll learn how LEMA:

  • Extracts faces, people, clothing, objects, and license plates from videos and pictures.
  • Allows for human oversight to confirm what is relevant to the investigation.
  • Enables deployment across agencies, with multiple teams and watchlists.
  • Maintains evidential integrity that can be presented in any court of law.

Find out how LEMA is the only investigative software in the world that allows the investigator to utilize three AI analytics (Facial Recognition, ALPR and Object Detection) within one solution saving time and resources.

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