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Photo essay: Laser speed testing at Fort Pickett

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Ed. note: For the past three days, officers from throughout the 4th judicial circuit gathered at Fort Pickett in Blackstone, Virginia to test laser speed measuring devices against other, more widely accepted forms such as radar. The following is a photo essay compiled from Associated Press photographer Steve Helber’s coverage of the three-day training.

Officers track targets during testing of laser speed detection devices by the Virginia State Police. (AP Photo)

Sgt. Ralph Cofer (right) talks to a Fairfax County motorcycle police officer during the laser speed detection testing. (AP Photo)

An officer uses a stopwatch to calibrate his Vascar device. (AP Photo)

Police vehicles run a track around a target car to test speed. (AP Photo)

Officer David Branch, of the Virginia State Police, tracks targets. (AP Photo)

A laser speed detection device sits on top of log sheets. (AP Photo)

PFC Joe Moore, of the Fairfax County police, calibrates a Kustom Pro-Lite Laser. (AP Photo)