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Hayden AI granted patent for its Blockchain-powered data management system for traffic enforcement applications

Distributed ledger ensures that data is secure and accurate

SAN FRANCISCO - Hayden AI, a global leader in artificial intelligence and machine learning, has been awarded a patent for its traffic enforcement data management system using blockchain. The patent was awarded on August 15, 2023 and is labeled US Patent number 11,727,795 B1.

Traditionally, traffic enforcement events that are documented by automated enforcement are sent to a network for review by relevant parties, such as traffic enforcement officers, but do not track the authenticity or integrity of such digital evidence packages throughout their lifecycle across internal and external devices and reviewers.

Hayden AI’s blockchain-powered data management technology uses a distributed ledger to track each transaction of the data with a unique and unrepeatable identifier generated by a cryptographic operation. This system creates a verifiable chain of custody for each traffic enforcement evidence package, keeping a record every time the data is processed, modified, or reviewed. It can further secure the data by partitioning it into individual components and tracking them through multiple blockchains.

“Keeping governments safe from cyberattacks is critical to the success of camera-assisted traffic enforcement programs. Our improved, verifiable chain of custody technology makes this possible,” said Bryan Shea, Vice President of Data Security and Privacy at Hayden AI and former Criminal Intelligence leader at the Chicago Police Department. “We’re so proud to receive this patent because it cements our status as a data management and security leader in vision-based automated traffic enforcement.”

Hayden AI is the US market leader in mobile automated bus lane enforcement and bus stop enforcement, with over 650 camera systems installed on transit buses across the country. These camera systems detect and document large numbers of traffic obstructions impeding transit service, which required Hayden AI to design this innovative system for securing data, sending it to appropriate government agencies, and verifying its accuracy.

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