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LETAC announces use of force symposium


LETAC by Eckberg Lammers

Law enforcement experts to address critical incident response, policy reinvention, and media relations at 3-day event

STILLWATER, Minn. — Law Enforcement Training Academy and Consulting announces a 3-day summit on use of force lessons learned to engage law enforcement leaders involved in high-profile cases from across the United States.

Summit speakers, including Gordon Graham and Dr. William Lewinski, will provide an intimate look at lessons learned, examining and reinventing policies that are both transparent to the community while delivering a clear and consistent message to law enforcement, and how they can be resilient with the politicization of law enforcement in the media.

The event, to be held in Scottsdale, Arizona, May 9-11, 2023 is for active sworn law enforcement officers, prosecutors and criminal justice professionals. Scheduled sessions include:

  • City and Government Preparation for Critical Incidents
  • The First 48: Media Relations After a Critical Incident
  • Neurobiology of Attunement
  • Cross-Cultural Communication and Critical Incidents
  • Situational Awareness
  • Fundamental Elements of Human Performance in High Stress Conditions
  • Critical Analysis of Force: Agency Perspective
  • 1983 Litigation, Defending a Section 1983 Suit
  • Officer Mental Health Post Critical Incident
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