VirTra® V-Author: Omaha Police Department testimonial

The Omaha Police Department uses the VirTra V-Author software to create active shooter scenarios with their actual schools, parks, and other public places as the backdrop in order to create a sense of familiarity for officers that will carry over for real-life situations. Transcript It's invaluable to have real people, in real places, in the scenarios. VirTra has a great system called the V-Author, we here at the Omaha Police Department have that, we're actually able to go out and take pictures of our own schools, our own businesses, our own parks, parking lots, and be able to put those within the software and drag-and-drop actors and players and tailor-make a scenario. So, when the officers come in, they can see familiar surroundings, they can be within their familiar environment, that way it's tailor-made to Omaha, it's tailor-made to any agency, and that's a great thing about VirTra.

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