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How Gamber-Johnson’s all-in-one police vehicle package helps PDs deploy vehicles faster

Helping you fast-track your police fleet readiness by equipping the Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicle with all the key elements in a single, convenient bundle

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GJ can streamline the process of outfitting a vehicle and offers the entire solution, bumper-to-bumper.


By Police1 Staff

Before police departments can deploy new vehicles, they must equip them with push bumpers, front seat console systems for radios and computers, passenger partitions to protect officers, window bars and other essential components. Unfortunately, sourcing these vital parts from multiple vendors can cause significant delays, sometimes lasting weeks or even months. During this waiting period, new vehicles remain parked, unable to hit the road until every single part has been received and installed.

Recognizing this challenge, Gamber-Johnson (GJ), a trusted supplier of rugged components for first responder vehicles, has assembled a comprehensive Single SKU Police Car bundle for the popular Ford Police Interceptor utility vehicle used by North American law enforcement agencies.

In this bundle, Gamber-Johnson includes push bumpers, consoles, partitions, replacement seats and trunk storage – all in one convenient package. This approach eliminates the need for department garages and upfitters to track orders from multiple sources. One source improves order fulfillment lead times as well as reduces waste from packaging which disposing of can be costly. With just one order from us, your fleet can be on the road working sooner rather than sitting in a shop waiting for components.

GJ can streamline the process of outfitting a vehicle and offers the entire solution, bumper-to-bumper. Once the vehicle is outfitted, customers can select from docking stations, motion attachments, peripherals and other products available through additional brands like PMT, Lind Electronics and InfoCase.

Mark Furrow, GJ’s Director of Domestic Sales, emphasizes, “Gamber-Johnson’s Single SKU Police Car bundle simplifies the process and reduces the need for department garages and upfitters to track orders from multiple sources. Police departments can now swiftly deploy new vehicles without the hassle of waiting for delayed parts. Our products within the bundle are not only easy to install but also designed to work seamlessly together, offering the rugged, reliable and responsiveness that users expect from the Gamber-Johnson brand.”

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What’s included in the bundle

Here’s what your department gets when it orders a Single SKU Police Car bundle for the Ford Police Interceptor utility vehicle:

Aluminum Push Bumper with Light Bar and Side Light Brackets: Designed to provide rugged front-end protection as well as pushing power for vehicle interceptions, this aluminum push bumper features a flat crossbar with mounting space for sirens and lights and side light brackets to increase visibility. This bumper is compatible with mounting lights from Code3, Federal Signal, Feniex, SoundOff Signal and Whelen, with powder-coated steel brackets that are corrosion resistant and extra strong.

Low-Profile Console Box, Cup Holder, Rear Armrest and Magnetic Phone Holder: Designed to fit in the center of the front driver seat area, this box provides a safe, secure mounting panel for laptop computers, police radios and other in-cabin devices. It has a sloped front for ease of use and visibility of radio and siren controls, sits low between the front seats to create a more comfortable workspace, and is easy to install with no OEM parts having to be removed.

Dual Configuration Gun Mount: This easy-to-use gun mount provides safe and secure storage for multiple weapons, is adjustable at the lock head and butt plate to accommodate a variety of sizes and models and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. The rack’s locking mechanism comes with a switch to open the lock electrically with the press of a button. This saves valuable time in an emergency when quick response is a must.

Steel Window Bars: The steel window bars included in this bundle are designed to provide secure barriers without affecting driver visibility. Sold as a pair for the rear driver side and passenger side windows, these bars are welded for maximum strength and reliability, and finished with a black powder coat finish for maximum corrosion protection.

Passenger Partition: The Single SKU Police Car’s passenger partition features an offset, sliding poly window with mesh covering. This delivers reliable airflow throughout the vehicle while maintaining visibility through the rear window. The center poly widow is scratch-resistant and angled to reduce glare to the driver’s eyes. The partition’s extended footwells allow for a range of seat adjustments, while the entire unit supports fast, no-drill installation.

Mesh Cargo Partition: The mesh cargo partition comes with a mesh center window and metal side filler panels. It is installed using four mounting points, providing a strong fit in the vehicle’s interior. This partition allows for airflow and clear visibility through the rear window.

Flip-Up Gas Assist Trunk Tray: This unit’s upper and lower level trays provide lots of equipment mounting space. The upper tray uses two shocks − each one rated to 100 lbs − to keep the treaty open without using a latch. Installation entails very few modifications to OEM parts, which ensures that the Interceptor maintains its vehicle crash rating.

All of these items are built to be rugged, tough and long-lasting. “Gamber-Johnson’s products are known and trusted for our durability,” said Murrow. “Our extensive engineering and testing process ensures that all equipment will stand up to the test of time and the ‘use and abuse’ it will endure.”

Benefits for police and installers

By including all these products in the Single SKU Police Car bundle, Gamber-Johnson has sped up and simplified the process of ordering, receiving and installing these necessary components in the Ford Police Interceptor utility vehicle.

“Historically, police departments would order these parts separately from multiple vendors, and then be at the mercy of whoever had the slowest deliveries before they could start work on their vehicles,” Furrow said. “That doesn’t happen with our Single SKU Police Car bundle. You order it as a single item − either singly or in a multiple procurement − you receive it all at once, and then you can start work without any delays. This saves police departments’ time, money and headaches.”

Gamber-Johnson’s Single SKU Police Car bundle is also good news for third-party “upfitters” who supply and install such equipment for law enforcement agencies.

“Upfitters have to pay out of their own pockets to buy the products that they sell/install for police departments, and then wait for the job to be completed before they can bill the government and get paid,” said Furrow. “This can leave them short of cash for months as they wait for a delayed part to be delivered. With the Single SKU Police Car bundle, this doesn’t happen. The upfitter gets what they need all at once, allowing them to get the job done and get paid while making their customers happy due to this faster turnaround.”

The bottom line: Gamber-Johnson’s Single SKU Police Car bundle is the solution that police departments and upfitters have been looking for. Learn more about it here.