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CopBox Cabinet® Selector Offers New Buying Experience


WESTON, WI – CTech continues to build upon their exclusive eCommerce platform with the recent addition of a CopBox Cabinet® Selector. This new buying experience, similar in structure to the existing cabinet/layout builder, allows shoppers to view standard CopBox models in stunning 3D.

However, the CopBox Cabinet® Selector goes far beyond a rendering, offering the chance to customize CopBox Cabinets® in a live environment. Options such as gear guards and electronics panels can be added with the click of a button. Prospective buyers select a vehicle application immediately upon entering the selector, ensuring that only compatible CopBox solutions are presented.

The CopBox Cabinet® Selector gives prospective buyers a never-before-seen look at standard trunk storage solutions. A live 3D rendering of each CopBox model allows buyers to comb over construction details and features with a fine-tooth comb before ordering.

This experience represents a massive departure from traditional ‘catalog’ style shopping, where models are simply listed in columns and rows. Although, shoppers who prefer a traditional experience will still be able to shop that way from within the ‘Tactical’ product page.

Maximize Vehicle Compatibility

Unbeatable vehicle compatibility sets CopBox trunk storage solutions apart from the competition. The same CopBox model may be transferred between vehicles and model years thanks to a factory mounting solution called the QuickLink mounting plate.

QuickLink mounting plates are engineered and battle-tested for each vehicle to ensure non-destructive installation. This is accomplished by using factory mounting points and other tabs sometimes found underneath trim panels and latch covers.

CopBox excels in providing dependable, long-term value to law enforcement and other fleet-based outfits. When an officer upgrades to a new vehicle, the QuickLink mounting system often allows them to take their existing CopBox solution out of their old vehicle and into their new one with nothing but an updated mounting plate.