Estes AWS designs Large SUV Storage Box solution for Ford, Chevy SUVs

INDIANAPOLIS — After several requests from customers to design a box that would take the storage potential of their vehicle to a whole new level, Estes AWS delivered with the Large SUV Storage Box for both Ford and Chevy SUVs. To make the most efficient use of space, this storage solution uses the entire footprint of your rear vehicle and eliminates space behind the box, so items don’t get stuck or lost.

For added security, a T-handle lock or electronic coded lock are standard locking options, and two additional T-handles provide a heavy-duty, 3-point latching system. The Large Storage Box also includes adjustable dividers, making a customizable interior configuration possible to best fit your storage needs.

A new custom fence package was also designed to fit the perimeter of the Large Storage Box. The Estes AWS Fence Package helps to organize items without having to open a drawer or push a button, and serves as an extra storage barrier that keeps gear from sliding to the passenger seats. Paired with the Large Storage Box, the Fence Package essentially acts as the floor of your vehicle and provides additional, open-access storage space to stack equipment and gear on top of the box.

As if the storage box itself paired with the Fence Package wasn’t enough, we made provision to add an Auxiliary Drawer underneath the box with a riser mounting kit, adding even further storage potential to your vehicle. The Auxiliary Drawer is perfect for storing smaller items such as evidence bags, test kits, PBTs (portable breath tests), spare gun magazines, and other additional ammo.

Design and Development Help from Patrolman Roberts

Patrolman Alex Roberts with the Greenfield Police Department was influential in helping with the design of the new box and providing feedback on design improvements throughout the prototype process. He helped evaluate critical aspects such as the latching system, the strength of the drawer slides, and the durability of the mounting system. We also custom designed an auxiliary drawer lid for his configuration. The lid not only protects and secures items in the drawer but also duplicates as a desktop work surface, but in the rear of his vehicle. This custom piece creates an extendable and durable work surface that extends over the rear bumper, allowing Patrolman Roberts to perform computer work, use drug test kits, fill out reports, or lay out evidence from vehicle searches. The lid can support laptops, white boards, firearms, and gear bags. In addition to this, the formed inset channel on the lid keeps items like pens from rolling off.

Read Patrolman Alex Roberts’ testimonial below on his impressions of the Large SUV Storage Box and his interactions with the Estes AWS team.

“I’m a recent customer of Estes AWS and their Large Storage Box. Being an evidence technician, I am issued a large amount of equipment to go along with standard issued items. Estes’ Large SUV Storage Box provides me with the necessary space to store all of my equipment in a safe and secure location inside my vehicle. This box also allows for personalization in the form of organization allowing each individual to set their box up to their liking, which makes keeping equipment inside a vehicle easier.

I am especially impressed with the quality of materials used. Estes’ box has a textured powder coat finish on it which is very durable and very easy to clean. The powder coated finish also provides a very clean and sharp look to the box. The box is also fitted with latches and locks which allow the user to lock and secure the box for any reason necessary. The Auxiliary Drawer mounted underneath the box has a durable lid, which allows for a very convenient work surface to perform any field work that is necessary. The large drawer on the box has had no issues with the amount of weight my equipment adds to it. The drawer is user friendly and very easy to open and close, no matter the weight inside.

The box and its components were installed in my vehicle in several phases. I was highly impressed with the customer service I received from Estes AWS. Each time my vehicle was taken to Estes AWS for upfitting, it was returned in a very clean manner. The AWS team was also very detail oriented, making many new improvements on this prototype box during the installation process. They were also very helpful in answering any questions raised during the process.

I highly recommend Estes AWS to any business or agency looking for vehicle storage boxes. I intend and look forward to being a continued customer of Estes AWS.”

To learn more about the Estes AWS Large Storage Box or about our customized solutions, visit our website. If you have specific questions about our products or a customized solution for your department, contact Estes AWS today!

About Estes AWS
Estes AWS formed as a result of the acquisition of Automated Weapon Security by Estes Design and Manufacturing, Inc. Estes AWS helps to protect law enforcement and communities by providing Rapid Access Weapon Lockers that are secure, accessible and rapidly responsive. Estes AWS has weapon lockers available for sedans, SUVs and pickup trucks.

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