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INDIANAPOLIS – Estes AWS is most known for helping law enforcement keep weapons out of sight and secure in the rear of a police vehicle. Estes AWS also provides police vehicle storage options that are compatible with the weapon lockers. With our lineup of products, departments around the United States have found a solution to their security and storage issues.

Recently, a major metro police department in the Southwest shared their experience with storage solutions and problem solving through their relationship with Estes AWS.  The fleet program manager remembers the day that the Estes AWS sales rep knocked on his door.  His most important need at the time was very specific as he recalled: “I showed him that we have this box that we created out of wood that holds things like a fire extinguisher, life vests and flairs.  I want to make this out of metal.  Could you help me?”

The main concern was that if easy-strike flares were tossed in the back of vehicles, a fire could ignite. As the fleet manager explained,

“The problem that we’ve had in the past is that the officers throw their flares in the back of their vehicles.  We use easy strike flares and that can burn up police cars.  It actually happens about 2-3 times a year.”

With a steel box, the flares are more protected and, therefore, so is the police vehicle.  If the flare does ignite, a steel box provides much better containment than a wooden box and more time to put out a fire before the vehicle is damaged.

Estes AWS looked at the current solution made out of wood and used it to take measurements and create initial drawings.  From there, a prototype was constructed and delivered to their doorstep.  The fleet manager recalls,

“When we were developing the box, Estes AWS would send CAD drawings and we would go back and forth on the design as needed. It was a smooth process to make changes.  Then, Estes AWS built a prototype and sent it down here.  Estes AWS came to us with a fair price for the unit, but what really stood out was their willingness to work with me.  Other people didn’t seem to really want to do this custom work.”

With many steel boxes now deployed in police vehicles, the department is considering further expansion. Having the prototype helps make those decisions easier, according to the fleet manager: “I can more easily sell a product to the departments if I have the box sitting on my desk to show them.  That made it easier for the other departments to make a decision that we would use this product.  They could see it and say – I like this, I like that, and they could ask for small changes.”

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