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O2 Industries launches the TR2, a tactical respirator for high impact environments

TORONTO O2 Industries, a leading manufacturer of reusable respirators since 2014, today announces the release of the Tactical Respirator II (TR2), a premium respirator built to protect military and law enforcement during training and operations.

“The TR2 was created to protect the fighter. We wanted to create a respirator that would offer premium protection, unparalleled comfort, and the flexibility and range of movement for high-impact environments, without compromising on performance.” said Peter Whitby, CEO of O2 Industries. “More compact, comfortable and breathable than any other respirator, the TR2 is the best defence from airborne particles like pollutants, viruses, dust, mold and bacteria.”

Developed in collaboration with Special Forces Units in the military, the TR2 sets a new standard of respiratory protection for workers in high-impact environments, such as military personnel and law enforcement. The TR2 was designed to offer premium protection without prohibiting movement or comfort, with soft-touch medical-grade silicone, multiple strap options, and built-in flex zones for improved comfort and head articulation. With 97% filter effectiveness, the TR2 is extremely breathable, even during strenuous activities.

Designed for configurability, the TR2 is compatible with Invisio® headsets and comes equipped with mic integration for Peltor headsets. Its intuitive design integrates seamlessly with varying kit configurations, and an additional strap kit is available which supports integration with common helmet rail systems. The TR2’s low riding seal is NVG and eye-wear compatible, and its above-chin gasket fits a wide range of face profiles.

The TR2 is available for purchase as of today, October 20, 2020. To learn more about the TR2, visit:

About O2 Industries
Established in 2014, O2 Industries is a Canadian respiratory protection company based in Kitchener, Ontario. Grown from a desire to make a difference in people’s lives and a passion to improve air quality around the world, our innovative respirators protect you from harmful particles, so you can breathe easier, feel healthier, and perform your best.