How ‘officer-created jeopardy’ is framing discussions about police use of force

Some reform proposals attempt to shift responsibility for violence from the offender to the officer


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In this episode, host Jim Dudley continues his reports from the FBINAA 57th Annual National Conference in Orlando, Florida.

There is currently a shift away from holding suspects responsible for the consequences of their decisions to placing blame on the officer's use of force. This concept of “officer-created jeopardy” is being debated among academics and used to inform changes in police training and response.

Jim Dudley talks with Lewis “Von” Kliem, editor of the Force Science Institute’s FSI Newsletter bulletin, about police use of force training, de-escalation, qualified immunity and other use of force issues, as well as a recent article he authored about a new report that shows San Francisco police peacefully resolved 99.9% of crisis-related calls.



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