Understanding the crime rate in America

Leonard Sipes has one goal: To break down complex data into its simplest components to enable easier comprehension of complex crime statistics

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Crime in America is either rising, or is low, depending on where you get your news and information. One source that disseminates crime rates, statistics, reports and other information is CrimeinAmerica.net run by Leonard A. Sipes, a former police officer who worked his way through top positions within the justice system.

Sipes retired in June 2016 as the Senior Public Affairs Specialist and Social Media Manager for a federal criminal justice agency. He was the primary spokesperson for crime prevention for the federal government for 10 years as the Senior Specialist for Crime Prevention for the National Criminal Justice Reference Service and the Director of Information Services for the National Crime Prevention Council (both funded by the US Department of Justice).

In this episode of the Policing Matters podcast, host Jim Dudley chats with Leonard about understanding crime in America.



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