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Policy transparency: A communication toolkit

The mission of every law enforcement agency is the preservation of life and supporting community safety. Comprehensive and current agency policy is essential to fulfilling that mission. Once relegated to big binders on dusty shelves, policies are now living online enabling easy and immediate access.

Finding ways to proactively share information about those policies is becoming a key part of police transparency. This communication toolkit provides agencies with the strategies to accomplish that mission.

Agencies should be obsessed with informing their communities about who they are – caring professionals committed to protecting the public by doing the right things right
How a transparency workshop provides Charlotte residents insight into the complexities of policing
From allowing the public to audit in-service training classes and participate on promotional panels, there are many ways to increase transparency and improve trust
Best practices for community communications around police policy
Proactive communications about policy changes demonstrates to your community that you are responsive to their concerns and continuously improving
When those creating policies hear from those most affected – the officers who are bound by the policy and the public – it has a profound and productive effect