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3 must-see products at SHOT Show 2024

Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries, survival ammo and a Faraday bag caught my attention

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L-R: Coast ZITHION-X Sustainable Battery Solution, OffGrid Faraday Bag, Survival Ammo.

Photos/Lindsey Bertomen

I spent the afternoon at SHOT Show 2024 looking for cool tech and I got more than I bargained for. There is plenty to talk about, but I’ll begin with my top three.

1. Coast ZITHION-X Sustainable Battery Solution


Coast has released the new ZITHION-X cells in AA and AAA. These are USB rechargeable and good for 1000 cycles.

Photo/Lindsey Bertomen

Coast has always been on the leading edge of consumer lights and innovations. What caught my eye was their new AA- and AAA-sized cells that are Li rechargeable. The individual cells have USB-C ports for quick charging. These ZITHION-X cells ship with a USB-C/USB-A 4-way adapter. They are good for 1,000 charges. Buy now on Amazon.

OffGrid Faraday Bag

I was browsing another area on the floor when I started chatting with Nick Adelchanow, a partner in OffGrid. They make high-quality Faraday bags for privacy protection. You can put things like phones and laptops in a Faraday bag to prevent them from communicating with the outside world.

This can prevent people from stealing information electronically and the user can control the permissiveness of the environment. Their bags differ from similar products because they have a magnetic closure and RF-welded seams. Other products sew or tape the seams, which is where they leak signals, not water. Nick told me that the construction is somewhat water resistant because of their construction.


OffGrid’s Faraday bag is a high-quality build.

Photo/Lindsey Bertomen

The OffGrid bag has a premium lining, which not only prevents the device from scratching but also reduces wear on the bag. Buy now on Amazon.

While I was talking to Nick, I asked if OffGrid had requests from law enforcement for a Faraday bag that preserves captured electronic evidence from communication that would cause evidence contamination or remote destruction. He told me that’s how OffGrid started. The bags are inexpensive, sturdy and simple.


The Dupleks USA Survival Ammo can has 17 rounds of Kaviar Slugs in a sealed can.

Photo/Lindsey Bertomen

Survival Ammo

I couldn’t resist. Dupleks had Survival Ammo on display and I want some. Survival ammo comes in storage cans that look like large tuna cans, complete with pull-top openings. The cans preserve in the same manner as long-term food storage. Inside each can are 17 12-gauge Kaviar slug rounds.

The Kaviar slug is 450 grains of shot in a slug-shaped mass of polyethylene. When fired from any 12-gauge, the entire payload, including the wad, behaves like a slug until it hits a solid object. The pellets and polyethylene fragment and the energy is transferred.

This slug has reduced penetration in walls and other hard objects. It retains the accuracy of a slug, the effectiveness of a shot and a reduced chance of an unintended target.

Coast voice-controlled headlamp

But wait: one last thing. Coast has a voice-controlled headlamp. By definition, it’s the only hands-free headlamp on the market.

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Lindsey Bertomen is a retired police officer and retired military small arms trainer. He teaches criminal justice at Hartnell College in Salinas, California. He has a BS in Criminal Justice and an MS in Online Teaching and Learning. Lindsey has taught shooting techniques for over a decade. His articles on firearms tactics have appeared in print for over a decade. Lindsey enjoys competing in shooting sports, running, and cycling events.