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What local officials said would take 20 years to fund and build, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation accomplished in three years
Many PDs find themselves without available funds to conduct training necessary to better prepare them for when a crisis occurs; here’s a solution to that problem
VirTra’s newest curriculum – “My Story: Dinkheller” – gives officers of all experience levels a chance to learn from this past event
The NCS’s objective is to honor, recognize, and protect the legacy of individuals who have significantly contributed to advancements in modeling and simulation
The V-XR offers three modes: Educate, experience and engage; each mode delivers transferable information on multiple topics for comprehensive training
Accounting for the critical influence of the spacing effect and interleaving can have positive impacts on training efficacy
“This first-hand experience is intended to give the participants information so they can formulate an opinion of law enforcement action based on their own opinion and not the perception or beliefs of others.”
Virtual simulators with de-escalation scenarios where officers must “talk down” a potentially violent suspect can greatly enhance new recruits’ verbal de-escalation skills
The agency will use part of the grant to purchase the CordicoShield app, which offers mental health-focused benefits to officers and their families
Five years after the Route 91 Harvest festival shooting, first responders have access to a 50,000-square-foot high-tech tactical training center
To reach the high standards that agencies and communities expect of their officers, it may be time to rethink traditional training methods