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‘This facility will have an impact across the country': Las Vegas Metro PD sets the standard in reality-based training

What local officials said would take 20 years to fund and build, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation accomplished in three years

By Police1 Staff

LAS VEGAS — The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Reality-Based Training Center is designed to provide law enforcement and first responders with the nation’s most sophisticated reality-based tactical training.

It offers access to unprecedented training capabilities with a focus on de-escalation tactics, active shooter incidents, including those with mass casualties, as well as training for natural disasters. Eventually, it is envisioned the Center will be used by law enforcement throughout the country.

The LVMPD Foundation has been instrumental in raising funds for this facility.

“One of the special qualities about this facility, and the process of making it happen is the fact that to date no public money has been used in the building,” said Tom Kovach, executive director of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Foundation. “Every dollar that has gone into this first building, and the structure and shell of the other building has been private money. It’s come from households, foundations, businesses and corporations, as they understand the importance of training to keeping us really safe”

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