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Building an officer wellness culture

This special coverage series and Police1 Digital Edition reviews how to build the trust needed to support a wellness culture, outlines roadblocks agencies can remove to make wellness a priority and profiles successful officer wellness programs.

Employee wellness programs can be key to reducing stress-related incidents, on-duty injuries and medical retirements, as well as preventing officer suicides
Here’s what you can do today and in the long-term to develop a culture of wellness in your department
The process of building trust begins with buy-in by everyone in the department
There are a variety of options at the federal, state and local level
The mission of the Ohio Department of Public Safety’s Office of First Responder Wellness is to encourage self-care and mental wellness for Ohio’s first responders
Here’s what a therapist wants law enforcement officers to know about taking care of post-traumatic stress injury
Police agencies understand that officers have to care for both their minds and bodies
Police leaders must recognize the importance of a physically and mentally healthy workforce and address occupational stress among personnel
Therapist Marie Ridgeway on the role of therapy in improving officer mental health
Download this guide to access resources and strategies to improve officer mental well-being
Police leaders must assume the tremendous responsibility of leadership – to care for their people, and give them meaning, purpose and fulfillment through their work