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Video: Ore. militia member threatens violence in ongoing standoff with feds

Video message urges supporters to kill all LEOs and feds that stand in their way

By Police1 Staff

BURNS, Ore. — Leftover members of an Oregon militia occupying a nature preserve have posted videos online documenting their ongoing standoff with federal agents. In one, a member urges supporters to kill any law enforcement officer that stands in their way.

Unidentified gunmen posted videos under the YouTube account “DefendYourBase” and urged supporters to get to the standoff.

“This is history in the making! There are no laws in this United States now, this is free for all armageddon, any L.E.O., or military, or law enforcement or feds who stand up and fuck their oath and don’t....a bide by their oath, are the enemy.... if they stop you from getting here, kill them!” the gunman said.

He also urged there would be a “blood bath.”

Federal agents have observed the protestors for several weeks, the New York Times reported. Last night authorities arrested eight occupiers, resulting in one fatal shooting.

Authorities currently have the refuge surrounded. The incident is ongoing.