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Officials: Revision “would do nothing to redirect other agency arrestees, failing to ensure officers take arrestees to a facility that aligns with their gender identity”
Officers must use the individuals’ preferred pronouns, let them choose the gender of the officer who searches them and must take them to the jail facility that aligns with their gender identity
The NYPD will have to do more training on protecting the rights of transgender people as part of a deal announced Tuesday
New guidelines issued by the Attorney General instruct officers to treat transgender individuals consistent with how they identify
Updates include using new terminology to refer to transgender and nonbinary people and allowing them to choose whether they are searched by a male or female LEO
Police Chief Nick Metz called the transgender community capable in a tweet and welcomed them to apply for job within the department
Officer Tori Newburn is hoping to bridge the divide between police and the transgender community
When Francesca Quaranta told her fellow police officers in 2012 that she was transgender, she said it began a long and harsh career decline that included discrimination and harassment
Officer Francesca Quaranta has alleged that she began to face hostility from some officers, and the treatment became so bad she went on paid leave
The Justice Department launched a program Thursday to train local police departments to better respond to transgender individuals
The policy, Directive 152, is the first in the department’s history that addresses how officers interact with the transgender community