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Tim Barfield

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Tim Barfield is the Chief of Police in a small midwestern Ohio town. He is in his for 37th year as an officer. Prior to his appointment as chief he spent 32 years in an inner ring suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. He is a husband, father and grandfather who has a love for police work and police officers with a goal of helping them succeed in a great profession. His responsibilities and desires have included patrol, traffic, DARE, SWAT, training and supervision. He is a member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association and Chairman of the Board of the Law Enforcement Training Trust. He continues to learn and instruct on subjects with an emphasis on awareness, police survival mindset and ethics.

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The issue of use of force and public cooperation are inexorably linked
When the only contact we have with a large segment of our society is when we are “hookin’ and bookin,’” it is no surprise the public doesn’t trust us
Sir Robert Peel knew that police officers needed to explain use of force to the general public
You have to listen, not just hear people, when they tell their story
We need to get back to the idea of treating people like people and not as objects
An informed public is more likely to support us
It’s not a question of whether or not the force was right that matters, only that it was reasonable
She is the face of the majority of America — let’s not forget that
We would do well to study history before we repeat it
These five keys will help you prevent an incident from spiraling out of control