Book Review: On Combat

Title: On Combat

Author: Lt., Col. Dave Grossman and  Loren Chrsitensen

Where do I start? When I received my copy of "On Combat," from Dave Grossman, personally inscribed to Chief Bronson, "With much thanks to a Warrior Leader," I was to say at the very least excited and Honored. I quickly jumped right into writing a Book Review of this critically important work. I immediately realized, this would not do. A Book Review would fall short, and as I thought more about it, I realized that a Book Report, like my son does in middle school would be required. A short Book Review just would not do this incredibly important work justice.

LtCol Dave Grossman has done it once again – his most recent book, "On Combat" is part of his continuing work on Human Aggression. However, this single book , born from thousands of hours of dedication, interviews, discussions & writing – is a "MUST-READ" for every Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Coastie, Airman, LEO, Executive Protector, Contractor, Trainer/Warrior working in this environment who may find themselves "IN COMBAT."

This is the single most important book you may ever read. Dave has taken his acclaimed presentation, the Bulletproof Mind, and added much more information and placed those words on paper, in book form, for all of us to have access to & read.

If you already read his first book, "On Killing," there’s no excuse for not adding "On Combat" to your library, now! Dave Grossman has deftly & expertly woven the stories of warriors, from both Military and Law Enforcement personnel alike, the SHEEPDOGS, within these pages.

Dave has broken this book down into a few basic sections.

1) The Physiology of Combat – Phobia, Reality, Sympathetic & Parasympathetic Nervous system, Fear, Physiological Arousal & Performance.

2) Eye & Ears, Autopilot, a Grab-Bag of effects, Memory Loss-Memory Distortion, the Klinger study.

3) Killing Machines, Stress Inoculation & Fear, Sucking Up Bullets and Continuing to fight, Making the Decision to Kill, Modern Paladins Bearing the Shield, the Evolution of Combat, the Evolution of Combat & Domestic Violent Crime.

4) Relief, Self-Blame and other Emotions, Stress, Uncertainty & the 4 – F’s…PTSD, A Time to Heal, Tactical Breathing & Mechanics of the DeBriefing, what to say to a Returning Veteran & what to say to a Survivor.

As Dave was writing and gathering information for "On Combat" he contacted a number of  "Warrior Trainers/Warrior Leaders" and other Professionals he respected and asked for their input and to advise him in his work, "On Combat" as he wrote this book. Their names can be found listed in his advisory board in the back of this book.

I must say I am truly Honored to have been listed as one of Dave’s advisor’s. Dave’s dynamic and attention holding speaking style strongly comes thru in his writing "On Combat." If you ever have the chance to personally attend and listen to this hard hitting eye opening on point speaker, Dave Grossman, DON’T MISS OUT – GO & Listen to him speak. You will not regret it.

Bottomline: Get your copy of  "On Combat" now and read it. You’ll refer to it often and share it with your fellow warriors. To find Dave's book "On Combat," go to his website

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