We asked Ryan Johnson to take the Liberator HP™ headset out on the range and put it to the test. As a veteran police officer and with four years on SWAT, Johnson has the experience to know why it’s critical to be able to both protect your ears and hear the other members of your team.

The first-of-its-kind in a multi-mode headset, the Liberator HP features Electronic Noise Compression and Active Noise Cancellation. This means that no matter the environment, the headset provides enhanced hearing protection from impulse/gunfire noise and high decibel constant background audio.

At the same time, advanced sound localization offers maximum situational awareness and sound detection. “Using these things on the range today, super good quality,” says Johnson. “I was with a group of guys and I was able to easily talk back and forth and understand what they were doing, even from a great distance.”

“It’s the first headset with user audio profiles that are modifiable with Near Field Communications (NFC),” says Johnson. Using wireless firmware, the user is able to easily customize their audio profiles for situations where secure single or dual communications are needed.

The Liberator HP headset’s glass polymer injection-molded earcups are designed for durability, and so the user can wear them for long periods of time. “Super comfortable to wear,” says Johnson. “It’s got the gel earcups for cancelling out the noise.”

“There’s some firsts on this that other ear protection doesn’t have. You could run these things with either two AAA batteries or one CR123 battery,” says Johnson. “Which is nice if you’re out and you don’t have a particular battery—maybe you have the other—you can keep these things up and running.”

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