BWC video: Ohio officer frees fawn trapped in backyard soccer net

Body-worn camera shows the protective doe watching as the officer cuts the net to free the fawn

By Sarah Roebuck

WESTLAKE, Ohio — Law enforcement officers help all walks of life, including those on four legs. 

A concerned citizen found a fawn that was tangled in their soccer net in the backyard, the Westlake Police Department said. Neighbors had tried to free the fawn, but the mother deer was too protective. 

The citizens called the police department and officers responded to help out. Body-worn camera shows the mother deer watching intently as the officer cuts the net to free the fawn. In under a minute, the fawn is freed and quickly reunites with its mother. 

"Officers responded to handle the situation as we do many times each day and night (although most don't involve a cute spotted Bambi). Another good job," police said in a Facebook post. 

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