Texas police department’s ‘snake whisperer’ relocates an 8-foot boa named 'Bonnie'

Officer Stephen Burres has handled about 50 snakes during his tenure with the department

By Joanna Putman

IRVING, Texas — A Texas police officer is being called the “snake whisperer” after removing an eight-foot snake from an apartment complex, ABC 8 reports.

Officer Stephen Burres III is a 30-year veteran of the Irving Police Department. One August shift, he received an ominous message on his radio: “Are you feeling brave tonight?”

The dispatcher received a call about a “four-foot python.” The snake turned out to be an eight-foot red-tailed boa named “Bonnie,” who had been missing for 11 days, the report said.

Burres was feeling brave and answered the call. Burres had handled and relocated around 50 snakes during his tenure with the department. He had also grown up in an area rich with snakes, and hunted them as a kid, Burres told ABC 8.

"I just never had a fear of them. I always respected them," said Burres.

Burres was able to remove the snake safely. It was taken to a wildlife refuge, as non-native snakes over six feet long cannot be kept as pets in Texas.

Another responding officer’s body camera footage shows the snake peacefully draped over Burres’ belt.


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