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Trending Topics: When LEOs clash with civilian law enforcers

By Police1 Staff

Armed civilians with a mission to enforce the law can interfere with or complicate a police officer’s ability to do their job. After an incident involving bounty hunters raiding a police chief’s house garnered widespread attention, we decided to take a look at five stories that explore the problems that can occur when these individuals share the same scene as cops.

Bounty hunters try to raid Phoenix chief’s home

A search for a fugitive ended in a confrontation with the city’s top cop.

New law limits what Minn. bounty hunters can wear, drive

“Anybody would think this guy is a cop. He’s very much crowding or blurring the line with impersonating.”

Armed militias complicate situation on Texas border

Presence of armed militia members working on their own has added one more variable to an already complex situation.

Border Patrol agent fires at armed militia member

Agents had been chasing a group of immigrants when an agent saw a man holding a gun.

Sheriff Joe: Armed militias beware or be shot

Arpaio warned civilians who embark on armed patrols in remote desert terrain that they could end up “seeing 30 rounds fired into them” by one of his deputies.