5 great resources for police grants

Today you must be well versed in the complexity of creating a competitive grant application

Those of us who have been doing grants for years often forget to share the key resources for getting started in the grant writing arena. You no longer have to fumble around looking for clues on how to write a grant. The Office of Justice Programs offers many excellent resources for beginners and very good instructions and updates for those of us who need to stop and go back to the beginning. Much has changed over the years in grant writing. 

Long gone are the micro fiche and hours in the library. Long gone are simple grant applications. Today you must be well versed in the complexity of creating a competitive grant application. You must understand your industry, have the latest scientifically proven practices in law enforcement and sound evidence your department is ready for grant management. 

Much has changed in development, management, and oversight of funding. I strongly encourage all of you who are developing, writing and managing current grants to review these resources.

1. Grants 101, the Life of a Grant  
This online resource provides you with an overview of the application process and is five stages: solicitations, application review, award notification, post-award notification, and grant closeout. You must begin here to get an understanding of the overall process the Office of Justice uses for grants.

2. Types of Funding  
Not all funding resources are created equal. There are five different types of funding resources within the Department of Justice for law enforcement. Formula Grants, Congressionally directed awards, Discretionary Grants, Cooperative Agreements, and Payment programs. This link will provide you with an understanding of what the difference funding options are for your department. 

3. OJP Grant Process

•    Grant Process Overview
•    Overview of the Grant Management Process
•    Grant Application Review Process

These three links will guide you through understanding what a grant is, the responsibilities of the grant management process and the application review process. This section will assure that you develop and complete your grant in such a way that it meets the standards OJP sets for every grant

4. Solicitation Requirements  
Here you will come to understand the legal requirements for funding. These requirements include civil rights, financial requirements, organizational requirements, evidence, research and evaluation requirements, mandatory terms and conditions as well as many other issues your administration, accounting and legal department must understand. Your department will be held accountable for all of these items.

5. OJP Financial Guide
The guide will assist you in developing a sound budget and avoid the dozens of common mistakes grant writers make in the finances of grants. The financial guide provides everything related to funding, budget development, allowable costs, unallowable costs, report requirements, audit requirements and all other accounting rules. This document must be reviewed and understood by the administration and accounting as well as the grant writer.

Begin researching, reviewing and understanding now and you will be ready for the next rounds of grants. Most people misunderstand the depth and breadth of developing a grant project, budget and the financial and legal aspects of the process. Getting into trouble is easy to avoid if you start with these five essential resources. Getting out of trouble is very difficult.

My articles have more detailed information about the next part of the process for actually creating a grant. www.Policegrantshelp.com has all of my articles archived for your use. You may also contact the Policegranthelp.com/staff for other support needed to get to the funding. 

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