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Listen: Ohio chief has surprising, emotional end to a 32-year career

“Thank you for being a role model, leader and most importantly, my daddy,” Chief Michael Schlie’s daughter said over the radio


Jean Shlie/WLWT/YouTube

By Bill Carey
Police1 Staff

DEER PARK, Ohio — It was a special end of a long career for Deer Park Police Chief Michael Schlie when he received an emotional honor from his children.

Schlie served as the chief in Deer Park for 16 of his 32 years in law enforcement, WXIX reported. On his final day on May 1, the ceremonial last call took place, but it was Schlie’s son and daughter on the police radio.

“As you retire, we want you to know how incredibly proud we are of the person you have become,” Schlie’s son said. “Thank you for being a role model, leader and most importantly, my daddy,” Schlie’s daughter added.

Video shows Schlie overcome with emotion as he listened to his children honor him for his years of service to the community and share their love for him as their father.

Schlie was also honored with a proclamation from Mayor John Donnellon declaring May 1, 2023, as “Michael Schlie Day," WLWT reported.

“Serving as your police chief for the past 16 years has been an incredible honor and privilege,” Schlie shared on Facebook.

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