Toronto mayor's brother demands police chief step down

The councilor said he believed the chief was too political after expressing his opinion about the embattled mayor

By Police1 Staff

Ottawa — The brother of Toronto's embattled Mayor Rob Ford demanded that Toronto’s police chief ‘temporarily step down’ over his handling of a video allegedly showing the mayor smoking crack.

Doug Ford, a Toronto city councilor, told a radio station that Chief Bill Blair was too involved in politics after it was announced that police possessed a video showing the mayor smoking crack, according to AFP.

Blair confirmed that the mayor appeared in the video and said that he was disappointed.

"The chief shouldn't have come out and made the comments while he was wearing the police chief's uniform, about his personal opinions about the mayor,” said Doug. “The police chief believes he's the judge, the jury and the executioner," he later told a televised press conference.

"I'm not going to respond to any personal attacks,” said Blair, according to the report. “We're going to continue to do our job.”

The existence of the video was first reported in May and has created controversy ever since.

Ford has since admitted to the allegations but and apologized but refuted demands for him to resign, and vowed to run for re-election next year. 

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