Texas police officer stabbed while responding to crash scene

A woman stabbed the officer and another driver; when she tried to get into another car, the officer shot her

Associated Press

PLANO, Texas — A North Texas police officer shot and killed a woman Thursday morning after she stabbed him and another driver after a car crash, police said.

The officer arrived at the scene of the crash in the Dallas suburb of Plano around 7 a.m. and checked on the people in both cars.

After the officer arrived, one of the drivers got a knife out of her car and began stabbing the other driver, police spokesman David Tilley said. When the officer tried to intervene the woman stabbed him in the arm and then tried to get into the passenger side of the other driver's car, he said.

As the woman began to enter the car, the officer shot her multiple times, Tilley said.

Both drivers and the officer were taken to a hospital. The woman who was shot died of her injuries, while the officer's and other driver's wounds are not life threatening, Tilley said. He did not provide any of their names.

Authorities have not released details about the circumstances of the crash, its severity or why it escalated into violence. Tilley said the car driven by the woman who was shot had been stolen, but did not immediately respond to a question about who stole it.

Tilley said the officer was put on paid leave as the police department and local district attorney's office investigate the incident.

Local media had earlier reported police saying that the woman stabbed the officer before stabbing the other driver, but Tilley said the sequence of events has since been confirmed with body camera footage.

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