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Warren Wilson

Intel and Hardware

Warren Wilson is a captain, training commander and rangemaster with the Enid Police Department in Oklahoma. He is a former SWAT team leader, current firearms instructor and writer. He has been a full-time law enforcement officer since 1996.

This four-hour session focused on what to do when these electronic items – regardless of their quality – inevitably fail, or are adversely affected by water, mud or breakage
Trijicon’s rugged closed reflex sight stays secure to the weapon thanks to a unique capstan screw-mounting system
VirTra’s newest curriculum – “My Story: Dinkheller” – gives officers of all experience levels a chance to learn from this past event
This eight-hour class is a great enhancement to the minimal tactical medical training received by most cops
I’ve been to short, high-information classes, but none more efficient than this one
There’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself occasionally when funds permit
Lee Weems wants to get instructors thinking about instructional design and the “why” of courses of fire
This school was very unique in that I felt I could walk out of Last Resort Firearms Training headquarters and teach a class with very little preparation
You can be sure your retired weapons wind up in the right hands
During testing, officers found the TASER 10 to be much more intuitive and easier to use than firearms or legacy TASERs