Fla. sheriff’s office to no longer allow comments on social media pages

The sheriff’s office says it hopes the change will inspire the public to report tips “through proper channels”

By Suzie Ziegler 

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — Starting later this month, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office will disable the public commenting feature on its social media pages. An agency spokesperson said the decision was made because the comment section is frequently misused as a tip line. 

“If someone saw a missing person, for instance, and they are commenting, ‘Hey they are here right now,’ but they never called in that tip or submitted that tip online, then potentially by the time we see that tip that person has moved on,” spokesperson Amanda Hunter told News Channel 8

The sheriff’s office announced the change in a Facebook post, saying that it has seen an increase in social media tips “over the course of several months.” By disabling comments, the sheriff’s office hopes tips will be funneled “through the proper channels.” 

“Our social media platforms are not constantly monitored 24 hours a day and as such, PSO personnel may not see the tip in the comments or messages until much later,” the sheriff’s office wrote. “Time is of the utmost importance when it comes to solving cases, especially when it comes to finding missing people. Tips submitted through the proper channels helps us follow up on and investigate these tips faster.” 

The sheriff’s office says tips can be called in at 1-800-706-2488 or submitted through the agency’s website.

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