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Ariz. cop spreads kindness by giving shoes to the homeless

Officer Mark Figueroa connects with his community by giving out donated shoes to the homeless

By Police1 Staff

PHOENIX — A Phoenix police officer is going out of his way to ensure those in need have something to keep their feet warm.

Officer Mark Figueroa has been handing out shoes that he receives from members of the community to the homeless, according to a Facebook post.

Figueroa does this during his free time and now has people running up to his patrol car to give him shoes, like the woman who is pictured in the post.

JJ Johnson, who wrote about the officer on Facebook, said that Officer Figueroa knew many of the homeless people by name and makes connections with them.

“It was apparent that he treats each of them as if they were well-heeled,” Johnson wrote. “I have no doubt this is how he does his job on duty as well... with courtesy, dignity, respect, and a smile.”