How ‘Shop Talk’ is building bridges between the police and the community

Barbershops and beauty salons provide an ideal backdrop for open conversations between cops and community members

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The City of Irving (Texas) Shop Talk program is a community outreach program designed for residents who would not normally attend community town halls but have a desire and need to have their voices heard. The program provides police officers with the opportunity to talk with barbershop clients and workers to facilitate honest and genuine dialog and could be a vehicle to help build trust in communities.

In this episode of Policing Matters, host Jim Dudley chats with Irving PD Officer Jon Plunkett who oversees the program and facilitates opportunities to use barbershops and beauty shops for outreach efforts. Since the start of this program, which is partnered with OneCommunityUSA, more than 30 shops are currently participating. Officer Plunkett recently received a US Attorney’s Distinguished Service in Policing award for the program.



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