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The Up-Beat: Md. cops take plunge for charity, Pa. officer uses UAV in dog rescue

Check out this week’s round-up of inspiring stories from around the country

By Police1 Staff

Lending a helping hand is part of the job for officers of the law — but their daily good deeds rarely make headlines. In this series, we aim to bring some much-deserved attention to the things our officers do for our communities every day. Check out this week’s round-up of inspiring stories from around the country.

1. Colo. officer rescues teen from icy pond

PARKER, Colo. — An officer’s body camera showed the harrowing rescue of a teen who had fallen into an icy pond, Denver Post reported.

Officer Trey Biles quickly ran to Cole Robinson, who was struggling in the water on Jan. 14. Biles offered the teen a long tree branch to pull him out.

Robinson’s friends, 15-year-old Max Gantnier and 16-year-old Patric Lanz, did not survive the accident.

Doctors told authorities if Robinson had stayed much longer, he too would have succumbed to serious injury or death.

In wake of the death, Chief David King has ordered 75 rope devices to place in patrol cars for another icy emergency.

“We have kids on the ice every single day,” Biles told the news site. “I have been to calls with kids from the same school on ice days after this happened.”

2. Md. officers take polar plunge for Special Olympics, raise $1.4M

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Hundreds of cops braved icy waters as part of Annapolis’ annual Polar Bear Plunge, a fundraising event for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Along with firefighters, paramedics, and military personnel, the officers raised over $1.4 million for Special Olympics Maryland after plunging into 37-degree water, the Capital reported.

“Our public safety professionals give back give back every day, as do the members of the United States military,” County Executive Steve Schuh told the publication. “To see all them here today giving back again to support the Special Olympics is really incredible.”

3. Utah officer plays babysitter for rambunctious 2-year-old at courthouse

OREM, Utah — Orem police released surveillance video from a courthouse of an officer tending to a 2-year-old while her father was in court, KUTV reported.

Officer Kevin Norris had traffic court on Jan. 27 when he noticed 2-year-old Abi Moncayo running around the lobby. Her father, Jose Moncayo, was unable to find a babysitter and had to bring Abi to court with him.

When Jose was called into the courtroom, he tried to bring Abi as well, but children were not allowed inside. Norris offered to help and entertained the girl until her father came back out.

Norris got Abi to fall asleep by showing her cartoons on his cell phone.

4. Pa. officer finds lost dog with personal drone


WEST POINT, Pa. — Upper Gwynedd Township police were proud of one of their own after an officer utilized his personal drone to find and rescue a lost puppy, NBC 10 reported.

Officer Yin Young responded to a call of a distraught owner who reported their 10-month-old German shepherd, Kasi, had run away from home. After an unsuccessful search on the ground, Young had the idea to get an aerial view.

Young put a video camera on his personal drone and sent it up into the air. After 20 minutes, Young was able to locate Kasi in the nearby woods.

Kasi’s owner, George Burns, was grateful to have his dog back safe and sound.

The department may utilize drones in the future in searches for children.

5. Trooper pulls over SC woman for speeding, helps calm her distressed kids


GAFFNEY, S.C. — When Shirmel Smith was driving back home after visiting her husband in prison, her children would not stop crying, FOX Carolina reported.

Smith was stressed and wasn’t paying attention to how fast she was driving until she was pulled over by Trooper Christopher Mace. Smith explained to the trooper where she had been and found out Mace knew her husband and his history.

He said, ‘I’m sorry that happened to your family’,” Smith told FOX. “He made a connection that’s going to stick here for a long time.”

After Mace gave Smith a ticket for speeding, he noticed her crying children. Mace played with Smith’s kids until they calmed down and fell asleep.

Smith told the news site getting pulled over was a blessing in disguise.

“I just thank God for sending an angel along, I could have wrecked or anything the way I was speeding,” Smith said.