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‘Back the Blue’ mural painted outside Fla. police department

Organizers said they obtained a permit from the city to complete the project

By Suzie Ziegler

TAMPA, Fla. — The Tampa Police Department received a large show of support over the weekend: a “Back the Blue” mural.

According to WTSP, the mural was painted overnight Saturday on the street outside the agency. Two groups were responsible for the project, Back the Blue Florida and Community Patriots of Tampa.

“We had people that were just walking past the site while we were working last night who picked up rollers and joined in with us and while they did that, they would send messages back home to people who were with law enforcement,” said organizer Kelli Campbell in an interview with WTSP.

Organizers told reporters they obtained a permit from the city to complete the project.

“This is a very visible, very big statement that says we are here,” Campbell said. “We support everything that you are doing, and that we know that the majority of law enforcement are good people.”