After shooting, Boston police commissioner criticizes COVID-19-related inmate releases

“The mentality out on the street is that you can do whatever you want because there are no repercussions from the court”

BOSTON — Family and friends are mourning the loss of a man respected through his Dorchester neighborhood. Boston Police say he was among five people shot late Wednesday night during a gathering on Ames Street.

Police Commissioner William Gross says the shooting is under investigation, and during a news conference called out judges who release criminals from jail because of COVID-19 concerns. “The mentality out on the street, this from a 35-year street cop, is that you can do whatever you want because there are no repercussions from the court,” Gross said.

Gross says criminals who are released often return to communities only to commit more violence. “If you feel so comfortable releasing them, let them stay in your house with your family,” said Gross. “Look at the numbers. Five homicides in a row, attempted murder of four police officers in broad daylight, a 10-year-old girl got shot in her apartment, a 17-year-old girl getting murdered on the street. The mentality on the street is ‘we can do whatever we want because there’s no repercussions, the courts are closed.’”

Gross did not say if there are any suspects in Wednesday night’s shooting. For family and friends of the victim, they hope whoever pulled the trigger ends up behind bars for good. Lavoy says, “That’s the last person they need to shoot out here. The last person.”

McClatchy-Tribune News Service

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