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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Find COVID-19 breaking news, what first responders need to know about the novel coronavirus, and tips for public safety leaders in how to prepare for and educate the public on the coronavirus here on Police1.

Wife and mother to police officers – both deceased – her walls and shelves are covered by photos of them
Learn who is eligible to receive PSOB benefits, how to appeal if your application was denied and how the program processes COVID-19-related claims
In addition to physical anonymity, COVID-19 changes have increased virtual anonymity
The study investigates the influence of trust and media on police officers’ decision-making process regarding COVID-19 vaccination
Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff ruled that the LAPD had legal grounds to demand vaccine compliance, but it violated officers’ rights to a hearing before firing
The grants are for 118 projects to aid public safety efforts and, in some cases, address law enforcement staffing issues that arose during COVID-19
The law applies to those who got sick with the virus from March 9, 2020, through June 30, 2021 and assumes they contracted it because of work
Court Section officers are caught up in a lawsuit over conditions at borough courthouses and remain under a federal judge’s order to wear masks
Bill was inspired by Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza’s brother, Sgt. Joaquin Mendoza, who fell ill to being infected with COVID-19 but was denied full disability benefits
Mayor Eric Adams told shop owners to forbid patrons from entering with masks on in order to capture their image on video in case a crime occurs
Comptroller Susana Mendoza accused the city of setting impossible standards for cops to receive benefits
The study was spurred after hundreds of suspects were released on zero-dollar bail during the COVID-19 pandemic and then rearrested in Yolo County, Calif.
Mayor Eric Adams said those fired for refusing to get immunized can reapply for their old jobs
After getting 155,730 applications from eligible essential workers, including LEOs, FFs, EMS providers and COs, lawmakers realized they would have to put more money in or slash benefits
A Chicago PD spokeperson would not elaborate on what contributed to the delay in that designation
The judge’s order said the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene “exceeded” its legal authority when ordering the mandate, which lacked a “rational basis”
The new development is unfolding after Mayor Eric Adams removes private sector vaccine mandate, but maintains municipal order
Justice Sonia Sotomayor denied the appeal, which would keep the city from firing Detective Anthony Marciano over its vaccine mandate
“Restoring the wages police officers deferred to ensure city services were not cut during the global pandemic is the right thing to do.”
“Each day more and more municipal workers are being fired for refusing the EUA COVID-19 mandate in a city riddled with crime,” the detective’s lawyer said
State employee unions have been making cases for bonuses since early in the pandemic
More than 15 officers turned out to support the daughter of a fallen colleague
The result could lead to the reinstatement of deputies who were fired for refusing to comply with a COVID-19 vaccine policy
Craig Pruett spent seven months on a ventilator and lost 80 pounds. Now, he’s on the long road to recovery
Biden will encourage communities to spend more before the summer, which typically brings a spike in violent crime
Sheriff Watkins said the fine is especially galling because Officer Phouang died at the start of the pandemic, before COVID was designated a work-related death
Up to 681 police employees could be placed on no-pay status should the city decide to enforce its mandate
One officer has been recovering in a hospital since late last year, Chief Michel Moore said
A local police union had decried the mandate, citing “an already critical shortage of state troopers”