Anger alert: Protesters set fire to occupied cruiser and 4 more stories that infuriated cops

Here’s what sparked angry responses from our Facebook audience this week

By Police1 Staff

Facebook recently launched a new extension of their ‘like’ feature that allows readers to more accurately express their feelings about a story – something police officers aren’t shy about doing.

This week, multiple acts of vandalism against police memorials and a brazen attack on Paris officers are just some of the stories that made cops’ blood boil. Take a look at our roundup below and share your thoughts in the comments.

5. Injured Calif. motorcycle officer recovering after being 'hit intentionally'

The suspect faces murder charges after intentionally backing into a CHP officer with a stolen truck.

4. Volunteers help clean up marred Hawaii police memorial

Just days before the dedication of a brand-new police memorial, a group of vandals ran dark tire tracks across the panels that featured the names of officers killed in the line of duty.

3. Blue lights stolen from Mo. police memorial

Officers aren’t concerned about the $100 lights, but the significance of their meaning.

2. Video: Protesters set cruiser on fire with 2 Paris cops inside

Over 350 police officers have been injured in the clashes.

1. 'Blue Lives Matter' display torn down by Black Lives Matter supporters at NH college

One of the students involved in pulling down the Police Week display said she and other students replaced the signs because they took issue with the use of the slogan “Blue Lives Matter.”

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