Video: NYPD officers try to save family from flooded basement apartment after Ida

The heartbreaking footage shows the officers doing everything they can in an impossible situation

By Sarah Sinning

NEW YORK — Bodycam footage released by the NYPD on Sunday shows the catastrophic toll the remnants of Hurricane Ida had on the city as well as the heroic efforts of officers as they tried to save those trapped in the flooding.

After responding to a call of a family trapped in their basement apartment, the two officers do everything in their power to reach them through a flooded hallway littered with household debris. The video shows both of the officers plunging beneath the murky, chest-deep water before realizing they need to call for specialized assistance. 

“Unfortunately when specialized units arrived," the NYPD tweeted, "they found three people died from drowning," including two-year-old Lobsang Lama and his parents, father Ang Lama and mother Mingma Sherpa.

The remnants of Hurricane Ida set off catastrophic flooding in the Northeast last week, leaving 13 New Yorkers dead, New York Daily News reports.

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