Video: Iowa officer hospitalized after being exposed to suspected fentanyl

The officer was found unresponsive in his patrol vehicle after handling the unknown substance

By Police1 Staff

FORT DODGE, Iowa —  An officer was revived with several doses of Narcan and hospitalized after being exposed to an unknown substance during a traffic stop last weekend.

According to Local 5 News, the Fort Dodge police officer was conducting a traffic stop on Sunday and handled an unknown substance after arresting 28-year-old Kayla Potter. She was arrested on suspicion of providing false identification information and driving on a suspended license.

While returning to the police department, the officer reported feeling lightheaded and dizzy, eventually having to call for paramedics to examine him. When paramedics and other officers arrived at the center, he was found unresponsive in his patrol car.

The officer was rushed to a local hospital and given at least two doses of Narcan while in transit. He was given more once he arrived to the emergency room and quickly recovered, but kept overnight for observations.

He was released from the hospital on Monday.

Police say the unknown substance is suspected to be a type of fentanyl, but won’t be certain until more tests are conducted.


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