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How to be more intentional about your wellbeing

There’s no denying that policing takes a toll on an officer’s physical and mental health. But ensuring you’re taking care of your whole self can be overwhelming when you’re working overtime shifts and already struggling to strike a work-life balance.

This Police1 special series looks at different wellness trends, such as cold water therapy, heat therapy, brain challenges, intermittent fasting and more, to challenge officers to learn new ways to take care of themselves both physically and mentally.

Reiki holds the potential to unlock new avenues of healing and self-discovery, offering relief from physical discomfort and emotional tension
It can be challenging for officers to set time aside to keep a healthy mind and body; here’s our top 24 wellness tips for you to concentrate on this year
Cold showers offer a powerful and accessible tool for officers to combat stress, boost resilience and cultivate mental clarity
Whether you are looking to get back into academy shape, sleep more soundly, or improve your diet, this 30-day challenge can help you meet your goals
By investing in the health of their officers, the New Castle County PD gains a more resilient and effective organization capable of serving their community
Heat therapy holds promise as an avenue for enhancing the overall health and resilience of police officers
Putting your body through heat-related stressors can help you adapt to the stress of working as a police officer
I’ve been reading about the physical and mental health benefits of cold-water therapy for quite some time, but I kept making excuses to take the freezing plunge
This centuries-old practice has gained significant attention and popularity in recent years due to its numerous physical and mental health benefits
Take control of your recovery and wellbeing with this guide to creating your own plunge experience in the comfort of your home
I wish someone would have explained what my body was going to go through when I took the plunge
Are you ready to take the plunge? Learn how ice bath therapy can benefit police officers in their everyday lives as well as on duty
Stigma can prevent officers from seeking the support they need, leading to negative outcomes such as burnout, substance abuse and even suicide
To track your nutrition, you need to see what, when and how much you actually eat
Guidance for knowing when everyday stressors become something bigger, something that requires professional help
Here’s an overview of what a wellness room is, how your officers can benefit from using one and steps your agency can take to create its own relaxing space
Understanding optimal water intake, plus simple steps for achieving daily hydration goals
Not getting adequate rest can wreak havoc on your physical and mental health
Ditch the “all-or-nothing” attitude and replace it with “a little goes a long way” approach by following these five steps
What you think might be good for you could have hidden surprises
Learn how the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office’s built an award-winning holistic officer wellness program