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Mental health in focus: When to seek professional help

Guidance for knowing when everyday stressors become something bigger, something that requires professional help

Dr. Rachelle Zemlok, Lexipol strategic wellness director, underscores the importance of taking care of your mental health, and offers simple tips for gauging when everyday stressors become a challenge that requires professional help.

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Dr. Rachelle Zemlok is a licensed clinical psychologist in California, specializing in work with first responder families. She serves as the strategic wellness director at Lexipol, supporting the content and strategy related to first responder mental health and wellness, with a special focus on supporting spouses and family members through the Cordico Wellness App. Prior to joining Lexipol, Zemlok founded First Responder Family Psychology, which provides culturally competent therapy to first responders and their family members. She is the author of “The Firefighter Family Academy: A Guide to Educate & Prepare Spouses for the Career Ahead.” For more information on Dr. Zemlok or to connect with her please visit her website.